DevOps Deployment

DevOps principles and practices encompass the entire technology value stream. They enable IT groups to develop and deliver value quickly, reliably and securely to its customers. Improving the flow of value through the technology value stream is foundational to achieving business agility. Further, we need to identify and radiate the feedback at every step back to the team and business stakeholders to see how customers are interacting with our products and services. 

DevOps drives business success by automating communication, collaboration and integration across traditionally separate organizational silos. Features are delivered faster, safely and reliably by using technical practices such as version control, continuous integration, continuous delivery, automated testing, loosely-coupled, cohesive architectures, low-risk release patterns, and telemetry. 

Besides the business benefits, DevOps adoption has shown to foster higher employee engagement, morale, and retention. Put simply, organizations that embrace DevOps practices get more done, with higher quality, improved operational efficiency and higher satisfaction levels. 

DevOps Deployment.jpg

Furthermore, DevOps techniques enable outcome-based measurement. From customer success to business success and through intermediate stages, we can measure the delivery of value and outcomes at each and every step.

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