Lean Discovery

Recently, Lean Startup® Techniques have been integrated with Agile approaches. An example is Dual Track Scrum that overlays a discovery component onto standard Scrum Delivery. This allows for Lean Startup style validation of business ideas in parallel with product delivery. 

Often the business and product side of organizations still operate with traditional waterfall approaches that are largely driven by a projectized funding model. As a result there is pressure to lock in scope, schedule and budget upfront. However, locking in scope increases waste, stifles innovation, and delivers useless features to customers. 

LitheSpeed favors an integrated model that combines Lean Startup®, Design Thinking and Agile Delivery. While high level scope is defined and agreed upon up-front, detailed scope is deliberately deferred to the last responsible moment, and driven by a continuous, lean discovery. Business ideas are tested via Lean Startup style experimentation while Design Thinking helps us refine exactly the solution that end users need, discarding unnecessary features.

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