Outcome-Based Measurement

Long term success combines technical delivery excellence with customer service and responsiveness. Development cannot be successful independent from customer experience. Nor can operations be a success without seamless integration with development releases and customer feedback/requests. Today Agile businesses link the three domains of Development Success, Operational Success, and Customer Experience success through Outcome-Based Measurement.

DevOps automation techniques link the development, release, and customer feedback disciplines that enable outcome-based measurement. This includes business success deploying products and services through all the intermediate operational stages to customer success and feedback.

Focusing on outcomes (goals) rather than outputs (traditional metrics) allows us to achieve the true benefits of an integrated lifecycle without being distracted by local optimizations or unintentional gaming of the metrics. By optimizing the whole we can achieve greater customer satisfaction and loyalty and higher levels of feature throughput and efficiencies. 

We start by learning the outcomes each segment desire. The image below shows common outcome based measures for each stage of the development and operational lifecycle.


Viewing the components integral pieces in an unbroken chain of services allows Agile businesses to optimize for throughput, quality and service.

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